Make Your Home More Energy Efficient With New Shades and Blinds

Homeowners who desire ways to make their property more energy efficient should consider installing new blinds and shades over their windows. Houston Blind and Drapery is here to provide you with a quick lesson on using energy efficient shades and blinds to keep from spending more than necessary on your cooling and heating bills.


To truly get the most energy efficiency out of your shades, you have to make sure you keep them closed to the sunlight throughout the entire day. Additionally, shades need to be positioned close to your window frames in order that they form a sort of seal around the window. When choosing your shades, it’s best to go for light colors that reflect the light rather than dark shades that absorb the light like a sponge and hold that heat inside of your home. If you’d rather not keep your shades drawn the entire day, you can install exterior shading instead. Honeycomb shades are energy efficient and look great no matter your personal style.


If you’d rather use blinds to maximize your home’s energy efficiency, you’ll want to go for highly reflective or insulating vertical blinds that prevent your property from warming up more than necessary during the summer season. One advantage blinds have over shades is you’re in complete control of the air flow as well as the amount of light beaming into your home. Much like shades, you can buy both interior and exterior shades to perfectly match your preferences. We recommend that you install energy efficient blinds on your home’s west- and south-facing windows.

You’ll have several options of shades and blinds to choose from when it comes to making your windows more energy efficient. No matter which you select, it’s best that you opt for high-quality products in order that they last and save you money for as long as possible.